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GOT Remastered

About Gate of Thunder - Remastered by Electrohaze...

Many of you may be fans of Gate of Thunder for the PCE CD / Turbo Duo. However, did you ever notice how you couldn't hear the music well?

Each song on a PCE cd game is an actual cd audio track, or redbook audio. And well.... not only is the volume low, but whoever recorded this shit in the first place did a awful job. It just doesn't sound good.

Here is a sample of a track I worked on from Dungeon Explorer 2. (not final version, only a sample) The first 20 seconds are the original, and then it jumps to tthe remastered version.

GOT Remastered

Just going in and normalizing or boosting the audio levels of eash track simply would not do the job. So I took to my favorite wave editor Gold Wave and did some simple, yet long and painful EQ adjustments. Some tracks I reworked left and right channels one by one for a better stereo mix. In adition, a few tracks were EQ'd in pieces, and others had fades corrected etc.

I think the end result is fairly soild.

Of course, this being my frist remaster I have already started using aditional software and techniques in my next remaster project!

GOT Remastered

I must admit, the GOT remaster project was a lot harder than I thought it would be. Electric guitar is a bitch to fix, and there wasn't enough bass for my taste in most of the tracks...

Anyway, download below, burn it and play it to hear for yourself!

(new version uploaded 10.16.16 to help gamers that had issues burning the disc)

09.06.2016 (original release date)
10.16.2016 (uploaded new rip)

Gate of Thunder
Remastered by Electrohaze
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