Download 2 - Remastered & Gate & Lords of Thunder - Remastered

Dark City Productions Releases - 

Looking acquire some nerdy goods? Sometimes we put together some special items for your enjoyment.  Ever thought your favorite PC ENGINECD game could use remastered sound?

How about new package design with maybe like, even original artwork? Interested in awesome collectible stickers hand made by some dude in Japan? Do you like underground video game music CDs? That's the sort of stuff you'll learn about here and how to acquire said items. The releases here are projects of love and passion. We love the the PC Engine and hope that people will enjoy it's games for many years to come. 


Please note, some items are limited and may not available.


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Ordering is pretty simple. Send us an email using one of the links below. Tell us what you would like and where you are from. If there is stock, you will be emailed a shop link where you can purchase the goods seen on this page! 

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Games remastered by Dark City Productions -

Gate of Thunder - Remastered >  released free to download . Also include with Lords of thunder in the two disc set: "Gate & Lords of Thunder - Remastered"

Download 2 - Remastered > first remaster given a nice physical release with all new package design!

Lords of Thunder - Remastered > available in a two disc set with Gate of Thunder titled:  "Gate & Lords of Thunder - Remastered"

Cotton - Remastered > available on 09.09.2020!  It's a two disc set!  One includes the game with all new remastered sound + 15 mashups by The Haze and OST CD audio disc!  Get your fairy tits on!

Releases by Dark City Records -

Dark City Records Vol. 01 >  09.26.2017 - the first music CD of game music under the new underground label. Dark City Records. This was an 80min CD. It featured game music from the PCE and even MSX. All music remastered! It had a standard cd jewel case with monochrome inserts and featured a most excellent anime art on the cover! This was produced as a limited addition of only 53 copies. Each given a it's own serial number! On 02.11.2021 a reprint was released! This is a disc-only version (no inserts) in slim CD case.

"Cassette" > 06.20.2015 Originally only released on an actual cassette tape as a "ticket" for a DJ party with the same name. Side 01 features a most excellent 30min Downtempo DJ mix by the The Electrohaze himself! Side 02 features smashing 30min Techno set by a good friend and DJ Krok! On 02.11.2021 a special CD-only in slim case was released!


Download 2

 Download 2 - Remastered 

"Download 2 - Remastered" Is a game CD with remastered music and new package design for your PC Engine CD by Dark City Productions.

+ All orders get "Remastered By Electrohaze" AV Idol Stickers!

+ Made in Japan
+ Pro printed inserts
+ Remastered music
+ Taiyo Yuden 650mb NOS CDR (made in Japan)
+ Sexy package design

Sorry, "Download 2 - Remastered" is currently out of print. 

gate & lords remastered

 Gate & Lords of Thunder - Remastered 

"Gate & Lords of Thunder with remastered music and new package design for your PC Engine SCD by Dark City Productions.

+ Two full games; Gate of Thunder & Lords of Thunder for your PCE Super CD System!

+ Made in Japan
+ Pro printed inserts
+ Remastered music
+ Taiyo Yuden NOS CDR (made in Japan)
+ Sexy package design

+ Two free "ghetto stickers"

gate & lords remastered


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Cotton - Remastered / Mashup

 [ Cotton: Fantastic Night Dreams - Remastered / Mashup ] 

"Cotton: Fantastic Night Dreams - Remastered / Mashup is a CD for your Turbo Duo game system!
All audio has been remastered, including anime cut scenes.

In addition, all music during gameplay has been remixed into "Mashups."

These mashups include a nice mixture of the PCE SCD version and the Arcade Versions (Yamaha 2151).

In few cases parts of the Neo Geo Pocket versions were used, and more!

All mixed by The Haze!


+ Made in Japan
+ Pro printed inserts
+ 15 tracks all mixed into all new Mashups by The Haze!
+ Taiyo Yuden NOS CDR (made in Japan)
+ Original Artwork by Hori Benny of Invasion Club!

+ Bonus Dark City sticker!

+ Comes in Neon Pink case! (black light reactive too!)

+ OST Audio CD also included!  Artwork by Sarumaru! (comes in pink case!)

Cotton - Remastered / Mashup OST
Cotton Cases

Cotton - Remastered / Mashup is OUT OF PRINT

Sticker set

 [ Dark City Productions - 12 piece "ghetto" sticker set ] 

Why are they "ghetto" you say? Well.. They are hand made by The Haze himself

You could say they are a little ghetto, do to their hand made nature.

This sticker set features 12 different sticker designs produced and distributed by Dark City Productions. 
Some were are old, some are new! All are otaku! Add this to any order and PAY NO EXTRA SHIPPING!

(all stickers are around 6cm x 4.5cm each in size)

dark city productions stickers


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dcr vol. 01

 [ Dark City Records Vol. 01 ] 

This is a reprint of the first music CD released under the underground game music label. Dark City Records. It features game music from the PCE and even MSX. All music remastered! 


CD Contents:
+ 8 mashups / remixes by Electrohaze!
+ 28 remastered TurboChip tunes!
+ 1 bonus special remastered CDA track from Valis 4!
+ 37 tracks in total!
Approx. 80min in Length!



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 [ "Cassette" audio CD ] 

Originally released 06.20.2015 on an actual cassette tape as a "ticket" for a DJ party with the same name. Side 01 features a most excellent 30min Downtempo DJ mix by Electrohaze himself! Side 02 features smashing 30min Techno set by a good friend and DJ Krok!




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