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Here you'll find the latest info on music CDs released under the "Dark City Records" label.  (coming soon!) 

Here is also the place to come to download music, such as the Haze Record Podcast! 

What the shit is in the podcast? Jump below to learn more.


Haze Record Podcast -

What is it? I collect records. Recently, I have been on an 80's kick buying up 45's.

You know, those 7" records that have one song on each side. So I decided to start getting stacks together and recording them.
No, these aren't DJ sets with crazy mixes, it's just me playing records! Kind of like a radio set!

Equipment used: Techniques SL1200 turntables, Allen and Heath Xone 92 DJ mixer, Serato SL4 and Panasonic Toughbook CF-30.

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Haze Podcast 001

Haze Record Podcast 001


Haze Podcast 002

Haze Record Podcast 002


Haze Podcast 003

Haze Record Podcast 003


Haze Podcast 004

Haze Record Podcast 004

New - 01.26.2021

Haze Podcast 005

Haze Record Podcast 005