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The "Turbo Duo" also known as the TurboGrafx 16 or PC Engine (Japan), is my favorite video game system of all time. I grew up with this system. When it's lifespan ended, that didn't stop me from playing my turbo. After a while, it became a full blown obsession. These pages are testament to that obsession.

pc engine 

We have been online for over 20 years ¬
Dark City Productions started as a projects hub and PC Engine / TurboGrafx 16 fan site / resource. There were only a handful of us at the early days. Over the years the site fell in disrepair and very out of date. So I retired the bulk of the Turbo Duo pages. They can still be accessed from the "Vintage" links above if you want to take a trip down memory lane! If I ever decide to properly update any pages within the vintage areas. Those pages will be added to the new pages here.

In recent years I have been more active in the PC Engine community. Remastering audio, making video game music mashups, remixes, remastered games (games with sexed up audio!) 


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( 02.16..2024 )

More Downloads coming soon to the download section!



-The Haze


Gate of Thunder - Remastered

Remastered? What you say? Somebody set up us the bomb?

If you like shooters with music you can rock out to.. 

Then we have a present for you.



Are you a massive nerd that likes game music? 

Do you want something like a cool underground music CD?

How about a PC Engine CD game with remastered / remixed audio?

We make things like that sometimes. See what has been made and how to acquire!


Dark City Records / Downloads

Oh, you are into music are you? That's good. So are we.

Find the latest podcasts and download them!

Download remixes and other projects from the haze!
This is our slowly but surly growing downloads area!




We have a Facebook group, for adult gamers and lovers of the PC Engine.  It also includes the latest Dark City news, promotions, and sometimes even free stuff!  If you are some sort of perverted nerd then you will most likely feel right at home.


Discord Chat

Oh dear, what has happened. There is a damn chat room. It's NOT SAFE FOR WORK. Which means, we post naughty pictures. Why? Because the format allows us to. We are a bit hentai and aren't afraid to hide it. If you are into that sort of thing then join us. Also we of course talk the usual video games and PC Engine stuff. Think of it as that OTHER PCE chatroom where you can be a wierdo.



Sometimes music creations, promotional videos and other oddities are uploaded to the official YouTube channel. OMG so much excite!


Vintage Valis Pages

For a period of time I was updating a Valis website. You know, that platform game series featuring girls with swords that vanished into obscurity?

Check out the crazy old webpage in all it's glory and old design! Will I ever update and fix it? Only time will tell!


Vintage Duo Pages

Since about 1999, (most likely earlier) I maintained a website all things Turbo Duo. "Dark City Productions Turbo Duo Pages." The pages were actively maintained until around 2004? Then it mostly sat lifeless until 2008 when I fixed it's broken links. I thought about updating and reviving it. But having sold off my collection and moving to Japan I was busy doing other things. I chose to keep the pages up for old times all these years. In 2016 I got back into Turbo Duo again and decided to revive the Dark City name. That year added the "Gate of Thunder - Remastered" website with free download on the site.  The Dark City Facebook pages were created in 2016 as well, to extend and replace the pages. These pages are  kept online simply for nostalgia. They will not be getting any updates.