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Here are reviews for the 4 main Valis games. Although, they reached many formats, the reviews will be based on the DUO/PCE versions, but I will try to touch base on the other versions as well, ALL SCREEN shots are from the DUO/PCE versions.

Valis I      
  Valis II    
    Valis III
Turbo vs Genesis
      Valis IV

Valis 1 game shotVALIS   The legend of a Fantasm Soldier
Ahh the first of the Valis series, I think the FIRST version of it to come out was the MSX; It was a 130K cart, and to be frank.. it was nothing special. Heres a > ScreenShot. Then again, none of the MSX carts are anything to get that excited about IMO. Then after the 4th game came out on the PCE, they Redid it and brought it out on the PCE, there was a Mega drive version as well. Incidently, Valis 1 was the ONLY of the 4 that was a SUPER CD³ SYSTEM game. Strangely enough, Valis IV's Graphics are still better.
I really like this game. It's difficulty curve is near perfect, the bosses are not TOO hard, and the game controls well to boot. I figure the game turned out so well because, it was a REmake. and after making 3 Valis games they got it down. Thus, making It's not nearly as frustrating as any of the other Valis games. My only gripe is the fact that you can NOT save the game. Strange really, sense 2,3,&4 saved...

B+   Sound: B-   Playability: A   Overall: B+

Valis 2 game shotVALIS II
The fun continues with the 2nd game. Taking a jump from a 130k cart on the MSX to a 4 Disk game, a big improvement. The MSX version of Valis 2 was a WAY cool game! It even had little Anime sequences to add to the fun! Funny thing is (like I said before) that Valis 2 was the first Valis game to come out for the PCE/DUO, and this one DID come to the US.
The first time I played Valis 2. I have to admit, I did not like it. The Graphics just were NOT good enough for me; Yuko's run was only a 2 frame anim. After a while the games strong points overpowered the week ones. The music in this game is SO AWESOME!
Download music from the first level! > V2lev1.aif 1.3meg The bosses were well done (as they are in all valis games) and the intermissions were cool. At times however the game can become very frustrating, but I guess thats all part of the experience. One thing that was missing that I would have liked to see was Parallax Scrolling. Can't have everything I guess...
C+   Sound:A   Playability:B   Overall: B-

Valis 3 game shot VALIS III
Now on to the 3rd game. Valis Left the MSX & came out on the Sega Gen and PCE/DUO. I remember it well; it was a big deal because people thought the Sega CART version was just as good as the PCE/Duo CD² Rom Version, I Disagree. Although the Cart version was OUTSTANDING, it lacked what the CD could provide. CD music, Speach. I guess I just hated the "Bep.Bep.Bep..." for someone talking. The PCE/DUO version even had more levels than the Genny version. Why they cut the levels out of the Gen version I don't know, to save space I guess. However, the PCE/Duo version did not have Parallaxing again.. why they did not bother to program it in is beyond me. SOme may argue that the In-Game graphics are better on the Sega version, but I like the Turbo version best. > See for yourself! Turbo Grafx & Genesis compare page.
I like Valis 3, it added the great new feature of changing characters during the game witch added a lot. The graphics are also are quite nice.. I still felt it lacked in a few areas but overall great. The music fitted the Valis Standard, and I was happy. Tell I got to the Level with that Damned Water & the Bell Boss. (not in Genny version) I was stuck there for years, and I almost went insane. This game is hard. Very hard. I Still have not Beat this game. Still a great game and better than 2. Will keep you busy for a long time. The Duo version Saves your spot to boot!
B   Sound:B+   Playability:B-  Overall: B

Valis4 gmshot VALIS IV
The Last of the series. Coming out on the PCE and SNES/SFAM. The PCE/Duo version was Still only a CD² game! I remember when I got it, I looked at it and thought; "how much better can it be? It's not even SUPER CD³ SYSTEM game! Was I ever wrong! As for the SNES/FAM version.. I have never played it, But I have been told it's a great game.
Valis 4 is everything that 3 was but more of it, and better. They changed the Magic system around a little, now it just worms up. In 3 you had to collect Items to obtain magic points. this was bad because there were parts of the game that REQUIRED magic, and if you were out. You had to commit Seppuku. My Wish was FINELY granted; They added Parallax Scrolling! Yay! If you ask me it adds a lot to the game, the Graphics are also down right AWESOME! Everything is perfect, nicely detailed backgrounds, great animation, and Smooth AntiAliesed Anime Cinemas! The music is also well done, I still like the Music from Valis 2 the best though. As always though it's DAMN hard! (I have not beat it either) Something you have live with if your going to play Valis games I guess.. I found this game more playable than 3 though. But Valis 1 is still the Most playable of the 4 games. Some people think that Valis 1 for CD³ is the best. I can't decide myself. I think Valis 4 is the most impressive game thats for sure....
A-   Sound:A-   Playability:B+  Overall: A

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