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The Turbo-List A great resource for Turbo Fans. Massive archive of info, and other fun stuff. Join the mailing list to chew the fat with other turbo fans.
Bt Garner

The best Turbo site on the net besides my own. :)
Aaron Nanto

A newish Turbo site with a lot of potential. Largest section here so far must be the game cheats area, very extensive. I also like the Reviews area! I hope more reviews show up here soon. Take a peek.
Tyler Dorval

Un-Official Turbo Pages Remember the Un-Official Turbo Pages? Well, I found them again! (Huummm is this down? I am leaving this link up in case it comes back!)
Bob Frasure

Japan Gaming
A very well designed site about Turbo games, and our other favorite systems. A must stop for any gamer. Or if you want a hint on how to design a good site, look at this one too.
Paul England

Turbo Project 2003
A new site, so new it's still factory sealed! Check it out. Cool stuff promised.
Randy Smith

Universo PC-Engine
A great PC Engine site created by a friend I met on the net a while ago. "Made to spread PC-ENGINE related info to Brazilian people." There is also an english version. Worth a look!

Working Designs Working designs brought some great PCE games from Japan to us poor deprived Turbo Grafx owners. Page Also includes a very impressive Museum about the Turbo! Massive list of games with box front/back images, Turbo ads, and system hardware info!
Not sure

Turbo Zone Direct Isn't life grand? Turbo Zone Direct is still around! And they still got new Turbo stuff you can buy. Up until April 30th 2001 they repaired systems. Now they offer new Turbo Duo systems for sale, games, and accessories.
Not sure

Falcom Home Page Home of the Creators of the Best game of all times... "Ys". Also Creators of other great Duo games. Page in Japanese.
No clue

Magic Engine Every ones favorite PC Engine Emulator for the PC! Check it out...
David Michel

Turbo Venders

Welcome to the Dark City Productions, Turbo Venders section. The most comprehensive list of links to places where you can buy Turbo Goods on the net! (I think it is anyway.) If you find a mistake, incorrect information, or have a link to share let me know! Dark City Productions can not be responsible for any bad transaction you may encounter, an unlikely event... but I have to cover my butt.

« Vender has generally good selection.
« Vender has outstanding selection.
« I have heard positive things about this vender on the Turbolist or another source. It is generally recommended.
« I have bought from them myself, and I highly recommend.
« Repair Services!

neobomberman's sale page
Looks like some guy who sells and collects stuff. Like me, he has a few games availale right now, however, it looks like he can find stuff if you're willing to come up with the cash. Check it out, email to place order (I assume).
NEW 03-02-03

After I found this site, I nearly crapped my pants! Seriously, there is a lot of cool stuff listed here. Like a PC Engine LT. <drool> if only I had some money, lots of it. (donations are accepted). You got to email them your order though.
 NEW 03-02-03

This is a cool, well designed site with lots of info. Learn/Read about some retro video game stuff, then buy it! (if they have it that is) Some Turbo Duo/PC Engine games and hardware available. Located in UK. Order online, paypal accepted too!
 NEW 03-02-03

A simple site that has a few games listed, no prices. Email them for more details.
NEW 03-02-03

midwest- games.com
This looks like a nice little online store, has some Turbo Duo/Turbo Grafx hardware for sale, and ONE game. (he he). Order online!
NEW 03-02-03

A really cool international games store (in Hong Kong I think) I have ordered from them before. Great service. They sell Implode, as well as a few other items. Order Online with ease...
NEW 03-02-03

I bought some stuff from these guys a long time ago. I got mixed feelings about the transaction. However, I did get several games for a low price. That is always cool. Large list of stuff online, but it's only a "list." You have to email them to see if they got it, and all that.

morevideo games.com
Found this one the other day. Don't know much about it, however, they got Turbo Grafx systems for sale and a few games. order online.
NEW 03-02-03

The PC-engine 2nd Hand Shop
The webmaster shared this site with me a while back (forgot to put it up, sorry!) anyway, a really nice online store for your Turbo needs. For the Europen Turbo fans!
  NEW 11-26-02

Max's Game Corner
Site was told to me about Max himself... Everything is descriped well, and he has a wonderfull selection of PC Engine games! There is also a nice selection of other games for other systems as well.Email your order in!

Mark in Japan
Mark in Japan, Who is he? A cool guy that works and lives in Japan. It's hard to keep track of what he is doing these days. He used have a very large list of games for sale (anything and everything really) and if you did not see it, he would find it. Right now it appears he is closed up... Check it out. Order by email, pay by PayPal or Mo I think...

Zandrew's Stuff
A private dealer/collector that sells on ebay and is well known on the turbolist. I have never got anything from him before, but I plan to deal with him someday.

A store in California that looks promising, nice site but no stock of turbo goods but, it's says it's updated weekly, so maybe more will show. I love game stores like this one that carry games for EVERY system.

Video Game Connections
A store in New Jersey that used to deal only in used systems and games. They have a ok selection of Turbo games, new and used. Prices seem to be right on. Order online!

Game Masters
If you ever finish loading the site, you'll find a large list of Turbo Goods. Prices seem ok too! Problem is: you have to place your order by phone, and the "lists are meant to be a reference listing." This means, you don't know if they have it, tell you call.

A really nicely done site for your gaming needs, but has only 3 Turbo Games listed over a year!, and I am not telling you what ones. :) Dono if they are new or used either. Ordering is as easy as 1-2-3! Online ordering is a wonder.

Emerald Isle Games
Strange, they did sell games... now it looks like there are gone?

Classic Gaming
Private Dealer/Collector that has a nice site. He has a decent selection of Turbo goods for sale, and the condition of everything is described very nicely. He even initials items that are sold. Worth a look.

Players Choice Video Games
A really cool online games store. They have a really cool video game timeline, lots of good reading here. All they have in the way of Turbo Stuff is Consoles: Turbo Grafx w/ Keith Courage for $79.00, Turbo Express $199.95 and Turbo Duo $249.99 Expensive? Yes. But it's NEW man! Order it online.

Yet another online games store, not bad. Nice interface but only some Turbo Goods! They have New Turbo Express systems for $150 :) Order Online.

My god, this site wins the "most bloated site ever award." If it ever finishes loading, and doesn't crash your browser, you'll find a MASSIVE selection of PCE/Super Graphics & PCFX stuff! Some prices look about right, others I wonder. Condition of items described is hit or miss. Order Online! KISADO ADAPTERS CLAIM TO BE IN SOON!

Videogame imports.com
A clean cut online games store based in England. Site is easy to use, quick and it appears that they ship all over the world too. Ohhh and they have Plenty of PC Engine games for you to sink your teath into. New & Used. Order online.

4Jays Classic Games
A California Based store thats a retrogaming dreamland! I worked a trade with them myself, and was quite pleased with the results. They have a decent selection of Domestic Turbo Grafx titles for sale, and Systems too! Order by email... (instructions on the site)

Another great store, that has online presence. They have a Fantastic selection of Turbo Goods! PC Engine games, and Domestic, Systems, and Accessories. I think he has those "Turbo Sleaves" we all need...

The Video Game Source
It's an online games store, in Germany... Ahh nice selection of PCE goods. New & Used Systems, Accessories, and Games.... Prices are not in US Dolors, so I can't tell you if the prices are good off hand.

Hurray for Chris Barker and his efforts to bring a great selection of New & Used Systems, Accessories, and Games for our beloved PC Engine. He has got PCFX and SGX stuff too! Items are described as needed, order by email.

Instant Peyangu Home Page
Private Dealer/Collector that's had goodies for sale, good prices too. See if he has some for sale, if not... look at what else he has. It's a nice site. :)

McVans Video Games
A small chain of games stores in IN, Indiana? The site is not much more than a sampling of that they have or might have. No online ordering, you got to call them. Anyway, they sell NEW Turbo Grafx systems for $125 (little expensive ne?). Duo's and Accessories are listed as well as many domestic games, check for availability.

Buy Right Video Games
I think they are Mail order/Online only... or do they have a store? I have heard many mixed comments on the turbolist about Buy Right, and I never payed much attention. Anyway, They got PC Engine/Super Grafx/Turbo Duo Systems, Accessories, and a lot of Games listed as well.... but not all prices listed. Guess you have to Contact them, says you can place orders online... not sure how you would though.

Retro Games
Retro games has Turbo Duo's for sale! "Used system, new components." You can also get Turbo Grafx, Turbo Express, and Turbo CD systems. I like their selection of Turbo Grafx systems... If you have a broken system, they REPAIR them! (I don't know if anyone else does this!) However, they need to ditch the retarded geocities server and get there own domain. Order by paypal.
[R]   05-03-02

Telegames has been around for a long ass time... They carry Domestic Turbo Systems, Accessories, and Games. Everything is new, and is priced the same as it was when it was "new" if you get my drift. Interesting concept... To order use their order form... icky.

Another Game store based in the New York area... They offer a big 11 games (at time of review) all domestic, and used too I think. I like how they note what games have Box or Manual, too bad they don't have more. Order Online.

National Console Support
A wonderful online games store, and a once mighty supplier of PC Engine & PCFX goods... Now it looks like all they have is a few leftovers, or shall I say... a leftover. ONE PC Engine game for sale. I would tell you, but it's a surprise! Order Online.

Wolf Games
Hurray for Matt and is efforts to bring us lots of goods at good prices! He has got lots of PC Engine titles to choose from, some accessories, and even some PCFX games too! I don't see any systems, but maybe he has sold them in the past. Order by email, then use PayPal!

Turbo Zone Direct
It's our friends down at Turbo Zone Direct! They Original, and only authorized Turbo Dealer (I guess.) The used to offer the Upgrade program, and Repair program. Now they just sell New Turbo Duo and Turbo Express Systems, Games, and Accessories. If you want a reliable source for some new stuff, this is your place! Order online!

United Game Source
Another online games store (I think) I love this, an assload of systems just listed. Take your pick! Ohh look, I see Turbo Grafx! New & Used Games, Systems, and Accessories.

Ebay Search "PC ENGINE" «- If you still can't find it... I suggest you try EvilBay.
Ebay Search "PC ENGINE"   I know it can be unfair, but the good stuff often shows up here....

Ebay Search "Turbo Duo" «- Try this too...

Yahoo Search "PC Engine" «- Another auction site to get your games... give it a try.

Yahoo Search "Turbo Duo" «- Try this as well..

Yahoo Search "Turbo Grafx" «- And this...


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